March 4, 2010

Lilly Love

My friend just alerted me that Garnet Hill is now doing Lilly Pulitzer bedding. After spending 4 summers working for a Lilly boutique, I have more pink and green printed stuff than anyone ever needs and in fact already own a quilt and shams...  I'll be honest, I was feeling soooo over it.
But I'm totally wowed by this bedding set! I'm thinking the shams might just be the pops of pink I'm looking for for my new bedroom. They've done a great job merchandizing it too. I've been wanting a white upholstered headboard like the one here and the accessories on the night stand are fabulous off of the bright walls! I'm loving this more modern, sophisticated style of Lilly.
 I think the new bedding has re-awakened some of my Lilly love.  Although I know I won't be buying any printed apparel again, which I know for certain because the boyfriend has confirmed that hs is NOT a Lilly wearing guy, I'm just DYING over the paper products. 
I think the alligator plates, napkins and coasters would be just perfect for my housewarming party! I still get totally freaked out every time I see a gator now that I've moved south!
I don't know why, but I am just obsessed with the idea of Lilly playing cards! 

Although I may not be able to justify $20 on playing cards, this market bag is a lot cuter than the one I have from Whole Foods and I can save the environment at the same time!!  
And we spoil our dog with just about everything else, so how can I not get her a matching leash and collar?!

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  1. i really really love that first bedding set. SO pretty.
    i have recently learned (i guess i never noticed) that pink and green is the preppiest combo that ever was. huh. who knew. i guess it can't, by definition, appeal to me, then. but the scrolly floral design is just gorgeous. too bad no self-respecting man would permit such in his bedroom ;)